About The Social Conversation

Everyone’s an expert these days, right?

There are thousands of websites, blogs and consultants who claim to offer unique insights into the complex and ever-changing world of social media.

So why do you need another? Why should you read The Social Conversation?

Who we are

Let me start by telling you why you shouldn’t read us.

We won’t offer you technical advice on how to set up your TikTok or how to run the best Facebook Live event in the world ever. If that’s what you’re looking for, Google is your friend. There are some brilliant online resources and experts who will help you do just that.

The Social Conversation isn’t about the what or the how to of social media.

What we are is a team with extensive experience of working within social media.

We are social media managers and strategists, ranging from small businesses to global multinationals.

We are bloggers and influencers, recognised as award-winners and leaders in our particular fields.

We are from a diverse range of backgrounds, with widely varying life and social media experiences.

We are different. And we like to talk.

We are here to share our opinions and experiences with you.

Our commitment to you

We think this matters because we believe that understanding both the art and the science of social media is more than about telling you the top ten ways you can optimise your LinkedIn profile to boost your business or how to grow your Instagram followers. If it was that simple, we’d all be doing it.

So this is our commitment to you.

We won’t tell you what you should do. Instead, we’ll tell you how we have done it ourselves. Then you can decide what’s best for you.

And we won’t give you a heavily editorialised single view of social media because the world isn’t as simple as that. Often we’ll agree; sometimes we’ll disagree. But we’ll share our opinions with you. And you can make up your own mind.

That’s what The Social Conversation is about. We’re just setting out on this journey, and we’d love it if you’d join us, and engage in the conversation too. Social media is exactly what it says on the tin – it’s social. We don’t want to preach to you. We’d love it if you shared your thoughts with us too.

If you’re still interested, read on – and, better still, subscribe to receive our latest thoughts on everything from the future of influencer marketing to driving more diversity and representation across social media.

Join The Social Conversation. You know you want to.

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