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Introducing the team: Tim Liew

Tim is a Social Media Manager for 3M, driving best practice across 50 countries. He’s been a blogger since 2007 and boasts a 100% record of being repeatedly shortlisted for but never winning awards (currently zero-for-six). He’s also number two on Vuelio’s ranking of UK Dad Bloggers. And really bad at karaoke.

What are your areas of expertise?

A little bit of all things social media: content, advertising, analytics, technology, process and governance. If you want to know how to scale social media across a large, complex organisation, I’m your man. I’ve also been a blogger for nearly 13 years, so I know a fair amount about that too.

What do you bring to The Social Conversation that’s different and unique?

As a parent blogger, I’m a rare demographic: male, Asian and old enough to remember the fabled summer heatwave of ’76. I’ve also worked on both the influencer and brand sides of the influencer marketing fence. And I know more about the benefits and pitfalls of trying to run social media effectively in a large multinational corporation than any sane person has any right to do.

What about your life outside of work and social media?

I’m a father to three children – Isaac (12), Toby (ten) and Kara (eight) – a lifelong Arsenal and San Francisco 49ers fan, and love travel and food, particularly if I can do the two combined.

Tell us three other things about you

The first time I met my father-in-law was on the steps of the church in Kuala Lumpur, about 15 minutes before the beginning of our wedding ceremony.

I once performed a parody version I wrote of The Psychedelic Furs’ Pretty in Pink live at a conference in front of 500 people. And I was sober when I did it.

I recently lost four stone in weight in just over a year. (I’m not literally half the man I used to be – but I am three-quarters.)

Without explaining further, sum yourself up with a single GIF
Finally, where can we find you on social media?

Facebook @slouchingtowardsthatcham

Instagram @thatchamdad

Twitter @thatchamdad

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Written by Tim Liew.

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