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Introducing the team: John Adams

John is a former journalist, PR and communications professional. His experiences as a stay-at-home dad inspired him to launch Dadbloguk, which he now runs as a commercial enterprise, fitting work around his family commitments. Dadbloguk won Best Dad Blog at the inaugural Online Influence Awards in 2019, and John can occasionally be found commenting on parenting issues on TV and radio.

What are your areas of expertise?

I make all forms of content: written, photographic and video. With my background as a journalist I would have to say my expertise is in long-form blogging and content creation. I also get lots of lovely comments about my photography and photo-editing but I consider myself an enthusiastic amateur rather than a professional.

Having been blogging for nine years, I also have plenty of experience working on commercial blogging projects. As regulation of the online world has increased, I guess I would also say that I have picked up quite a bit of knowledge about the Advertising Standards Authority, Competition and Markets Authority and data protection rules, guidance and laws. This is an area where knowledge among many content creators is sadly lacking.

What do you bring to The Social Conversation that’s different and unique?

I think my voice is quite a rare one. I am a man who gave up his career to concentrate on family and home while his wife worked full-time. I would once have described myself as a stay-at-home dad but these days I consider myself a work-from-home dad – I fit my content creation and blogging activities around family life. It is me who buys the school uniform for the kids, organises the birthday parties and playdates and has overseen all the homeschooling during the COVID-19 crisis.

There are very few men in this position; even fewer who blog about it. As I have been blogging for so long, my writings have also followed my family from the birth of a child to the start of secondary school. For a fatherhood blog, this is almost unheard of.

What about your life outside of work and social media?

I’m married to Gill and we have the two children, Helen aged 11 and Izzy aged seven. I’m a keen photographer, I’m into fitness and I once had to help out an Alice Cooper tribute act by going topless on stage to lift ‘Alice’ off stage after a pretend execution.

Tell us three other things about you

I am presently studying maths because I plan to take the GCSE in November. Essentially, I went to a dreadful school, was totally uninspired and written off as a bit of a failure, so I did very badly in the exam. It’s been an open wound all my adult life, so I’m taking it again. As a father with a child who is going into the secondary school system, I think it will be a fascinating and useful experience to take a GCSE, especially with the new grading system.

I’ve told you about the Alice Cooper thing, so how about the fact I once roadied for Ray Charles, albeit only the one gig. I was also the rear end of a pantomime horse as well, although to be honest, that describes me quite well. [You said it, not me – Ed.]

Finally, I am a licenced forklift truck driver. That licence served me well as a student as it opened the door to some well-paid holiday jobs.

Without explaining further, sum yourself up with a single GIF
Finally, where can we find you on social media?

Blog: https://dadbloguk.com

TikTok: https://vm.tiktok.com/JRaRKce/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dadbloguk

Instagram: https://instagram.com/dadbloguk

Facebook: https://facebook.com/dadbloguk

Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/dadbloguk

Written by John Adams.

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