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Introducing the team: Simon Ragoonanan

Simon is Digital Content Editor for Hopster, a role he took up after five years as a stay-at-home dad and over a decade before as a TV producer. Blogging since 2014, his primary focus is on the problem of gendered marketing to kids (and parents), as well as inclusivity and representation in kids’ and other media.

What are your areas of expertise?

Not really expertise (at all!), but I have professional content creation experience from both my time as a TV producer, and more recent jobs in online copywriting and social media for brands.

Through my blog and social media accounts I explored issues relating to gender stereotypes, particularly in marketing to kids, so I also feel pretty well versed around that too.

What do you bring to The Social Conversation that’s different and unique?

I sit on both sides of the fence, with my own social media/blogging persona as well as working on influencer campaigns and paid social media in my day job.

The phrase I hate hearing at work most (apart from “You’re fired”) is, “We should be doing more on social media.” 

More what? What do you want to achieve? Brand awareness? How will you measure success? Reach? Engagement? Sales? Tell me what ‘more’ means! And why? It takes time and effort for a brand to use social media effectively, so clear defined goals are needed – especially if part of a wider strategy.

What about your life outside of work and social media?

I love being a parent. Hanging out with my daughter is the best of times, whether in the kitchen, watching a movie, on a walk, playing video games, or one of our frequent conversations about comics or Star Trek.

I am very lucky that my employer supports fully flexible working, and I’m incredibly happy they enable me to be the kind of father I always wanted to be. 

My perfect day would involve my daughter and wife, great food and a classic movie. And there’s been a lot of that happening in lockdown.

Tell us three other things about you

A Facebook post of mine lead to a book to being pulped.

For about a decade, I interviewed movie stars for a living.

I passionately believe that smartphone videos should be shot in landscape not portrait.

Without explaining further, sum yourself up with a single GIF
Finally, where can we find you on social media?

Facebook: @manvspink

Instagram: @manvspink

Twitter: @manvspink

Blog: Man vs. Pink

Written by Simon Ragoonanan.

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