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Introducing the team: Henry Elliss

Henry is a digital strategist at one of Europe’s most well-known agencies, sitting in a team of social media specialists and influencer relations experts. He has worked in the digital industry for 15+ years, having previously run an SEO agency. He is an occasional blogger and regular opinionated git. He can barely influence his own children, let alone anyone else.

What are your areas of expertise?

I’m not sure I could be classed as an ‘expert’ on anything except Lego and sarcasm, but I’m reasonably proficient in most areas of social marketing. I worked at and eventually ran an SEO agency for ten years before jumping into the murky world of PR & Content. We work with influencer activations for many global brands, as well as running the content streams for a number of FTSE-250 companies.

What do you bring to The Social Conversation that’s different and unique?

As a lapsed parent blogger (I finally realised that nobody can be an expert in parenting, least of all me) and current marketeer, I bring a slightly rare point of view – I sit on both sides of the fence, if you will. I don’t tolerate a lot of BS and I regularly like to question the true value of social – just don’t call me grumpy!

What about your life outside of work and social media?

I’m a husband and father, as well as a bit of a nerd. My family and I recently moved to deepest West Berkshire – my first time not living in a city for decades. We now live just a few miles from Tim, so I regularly tap him up for take-away recommendations.

Tell us three other things about you

I’m a massive Lego fan, and have colour-coded and sorted all my spare Lego into boxes. They sit behind me in my temporary home office – so colleagues at work (and their children) often refer to me as ‘The Lego Man’.

Like a lot of social media enthusiasts, I got my start in digital designing websites – the first of which was the official website of Aussie actress Melissa George, which I’ve run (albeit light-touch) for 20+ years now.

Since the start of lockdown, I’ve not worn socks once. I’m now wondering whether I can keep this record up until the end of 2020…

Without explaining further, sum yourself up with a single GIF
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Finally, where can we find you on social media?


Instagram @henweb

Twitter @henweb

Blog – The Mediocre Dad

Written by Henry Elliss.

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